Common Mistakes People Make While Preparing for IELTS

Preparing for IELTS is one of the first steps that students take when planning to study abroad, for most of the colleges and university require the students to have good levels of English language proficiency. Though there is a number of English language proficiency tests, IELTS is one of the most common ones taken by the students. It is also the top test that is recognized by most of the educational institutes around the world. While there are very few who prepare on their own, there is a huge number that prefers IELTS coaching. Quite rightly too, for IELTS training centre prepares the students for the real IELTS and helps them know the format, etc. beforehand. We must say that taking up IELTS coaching is a great and wise action that students must take.

Most of the study visa consultants also provide coaching for tests like IELTS, PTE, TOEFL, CELPIP, etc. They have dedicated tutors and infrastructure for a different kind of test. Though they put significant effort in preparing students to crack their English proficiency exam, here are some of the most common mistakes that students make while preparing.

Trying Way Too Hard

IELTS, or any other test for that matter, is not rocket science. It can be cracked by learning; you just have to practice hard enough, but not too hard. There are a lot of students that try too hard to get great scores, which is actually not required. While a complete newbie to whom the English language is absolutely new may find it extremely hard to make things work, but someone with decent exposure to this language can work things out easily by practising.

The main idea of IELTS/PTE/CELPIP/TOEFL/Other coaching is to make the student aware of the format and help him/her manage time well. It is suggested that student should stick to basics and do not try too hard to score higher than what he/she can.

Focusing on One Section/Module

Any English proficiency test gauges the taker on four different aspects of the language – reading, writing, listening and speaking. The taker must get an overall great score and not the one that varies greatly section-wise. One cannot just get away with scoring high in one/two particular section(s) and not score enough in another module(s). It is suggested that students focus on all the sections equally.

Working on Weaknesses Instead of Strengths

There are two approaches in general when it comes to working on strengths and weaknesses. First – One can work on their strengths and further strengthen them, making things completely foolproof and sure-shot. Second – One can work on their weaknesses and try to improve in weaker departments.

Now, when it comes to preparing for English proficiency exams, the first approach works better because there is a dearth of time. On the other hand, if one starts to prepare well in time, the second approach may work better, according to which you have ample time to work on your weaknesses and polish your strengths.

Bypass Coaching

Well, it is a personal choice to take or not take coaching when preparing for IELTS, but it is recommended to take coaching from a renowned study visa consultant or IELTS/PTE coaching provider in your area. Most of the study visa consultants will be able to suggest you the best IELTS/PTE coaching institute in your area for that matter. Else, you can always do basic research and take demo classes. Here are some points that can help you choose the best IELTS coaching centre for yourself.

Coaching actually helps you know the test format in a better way, which may otherwise shock you if you choose to bypass coaching. It helps you with time management and the coaching material provides a simulation of the test which proves to be extremely helpful. Therefore, it is suggested you take IELTS/PTE coaching from a renowned provider. You may even go through the material alone or take free online classes if affordability is the concern. Avoiding the above mistakes can help you score better in your English proficiency test. In case you are looking for deeper insights on how to crack your IELTS/PTE/CELPIP/TOEFL/ETC., please feel free to get in touch with us!