Five Reasons You are Facing Obstacles in Cracking IELTS

We have seen students clear their IELTS in a single go! And, we have seen students who have appeared more than 10 times, but haven’t got the desired score.

It’s somewhat very sad to see students get demotivated when they are not able to crack their IELTS, PTE or any other English language proficiency exam, for that matter. Not only multiple attempts drain them mentally and emotionally, but also financially.

Over a period of time, we have accumulated some of the top reasons that lead to lower score in IELTS. We have listed a few here that might be creating a hindrance in cracking your English language proficiency test.

You are Trying Too Hard

It’s human nature to try hard for things he wants, but in an attempt to get great results, he generally ends up creating a mess. He tries way too hard which blocks his mind in the middle of the attempt, leading to an undesired outcome.

There is a very fine line in between trying too hard and trying just hard enough to get a particular thing done; and that thin line decides your mindset at that very point in time. If you can keep your mind cool while things happen, you can get through. You have to try just hard enough – about which we explain in the next point!

You are Not Trying Hard Enough

Have you taken enough number of practice/mock tests? Have you practiced all your modules rightly? Have you given enough time to all the section of the test? If yes, you are ready to go.

Attempts are something that always have room for improvement, and you can always attempt your next test in a better way.

You have access to all the practice material – exploit it!
Practice harder and go for it!

You Have a Weaker Area

As we know there are four modules in IELTS, and you surely must be having a weaker area if you are not able to get through in the first/second attempt.

Work on your weaker area to bring it above average. Devote more time on things you aren’t able to get right.

Your teacher/guide should be able to help you identify your weaker areas and also provide you tips on how to improve it.

Your Tutor May Not Be Right for YOU

Though it is YOU who has most of the hard work to do, it is your teacher’s responsibility to help you with tips and tricks that help you score great in your IELTS/PTE. There are times when the wavelength of pupil and tutor do not match, and it’s not a bad thing – it just happens at times.

If that’s the case, you might want to reconsider your IELTS coaching.

In some cases, we’ve seen students going for most renowned IELTS coaching providers in their area, which, in one sense, is a good decision. But, if you see the other side of the coin, all the students will end up taking the same decision and you’ll end up in a bunch of chaos. You might become part of a batch that is too big where the teacher is not able to give individual attention.

So, reconsidering your IELTS coaching institute or IELTS/PTE teacher is also an option you can choose!

You are NOT Taking the Right Test

In a few cases, we’ve found the students to have scored great in an alternative English language proficiency test. For example, a student might score badly in IELTS may score great in PTE.

If taking an alternative test is an option, you must definitely give it a try. Like for Australia, international students can take up either IELTS or PTE. Make your choice. If you have attempted IELTS enough times and haven’t found any success, try PTE instead.