Most Ideal Approach to Improve English for IELTS

IELTS is one of the most commonly taken English language proficiency exams taken by students who wish to study abroad in Australia. One needs to take an English language proficiency exam if not belonging from an English-speaking country. Tests like IELTS, PTE, TOEFL, CELPIP, etc. gauge the takers’ proficiency in English language on four different aspects – reading, writing, speaking and listening – and gives them score based on their performance in the test.

You may not need to prove your proficiency if you belong from an English-speaking nation, which is not the case with students/candidates from the Indian subcontinent. We, in India, belong from different educational backgrounds and do not have great exposure to English as a language. While some privileged students have access to quality English, others generally find it hard to cope with.

Though the educational background of an individual plays a vital role in how well that person comprehends English language, there are methods and approaches that can be taken to improve the hold over it. Here are a few that can be considered.

Read Aloud

We generally have a tendency to read silently; however, this approach may not work when trying to learn English.

When trying to improve hold over the language, it is suggested to read it aloud. Read essays, stories or anything you have interest in, aloud! It is also very important to maintain a slow, but consistent speed while reading. Hurrying up won’t do. Start slowly and progress slowly. More importantly, comprehend what you read.

With regular practice over a period of time, you’ll see a considerable improvement in your comprehension and speech. Practice this approach and you’ll score good in reading and speaking sections of your IELTS.

Watch Videos with Subtitles

Watching English movies, documentaries, serials, series, etc. along with subtitles definitely helps. You can choose content of your interest, but make sure you see it completely with subtitles. In fact, watching it while wearing earphones/headphones will prove to be better, for it will cut out disturbances, if any, and help you gel into the context in a better way.

In case you aren’t able to understand what the character in the movie just said, rewind and listen again. Try to repeat the dialogues in your mind.
Pat your back if you’ve gotten everything right!

Interact and Improve

The interact-and-improve approach works wonders when trying to improve English language. You can choose a friend or a family member with whom you’ll talk solely using English language. Try to explain things and convey anything and everything in English.

Calling customer care and choosing English language may also prove to be helpful. It will help your explanatory skills and polish your speech. Don’t be afraid in taking this approach. Customer care executives are patient enough to tackle your language, but don’t bug them too much!

Take IELTS Training/Coaching

Taking IELTS/PTE/CELPIP/TOEFL training works great and is one of the top approaches to improve your English skills. It works two-way! One – helps improve your hold on the language; two – prepares you for the test!

You can enrol with a renowned IELTS/PTE coaching provider in your town and work your way along with mock tests and practice material. Here are the points that can help you choose IELTS coaching centre. Make sure you take the coaching religiously and practice hard, for it expensive and may cost you anywhere from Rs. 7,000 to Rs. 20,000 per month.

Expert IELTS training prepares you for the test completely. It exposes you to the mock tests and helps you improve using practice materials. Training helps you improve in all the sections, namely reading, writing, speaking and listening.


Every approach mentioned above helps you differently and cannot be replaced by other. Make sure you don’t make these mistakes. Using all the aforementioned methods will help you improve your English skills more quickly and crack the IELTS with great scores.

Stick to the basics and go for it!