Reasons Why PTE Training Got More Popular in Recent Years

When it comes to English language proficiency tests, there are quite a few names in the market. While some are country-specific, others are acceptable worldwide. IELTS, for example, is accepted by almost every English-speaking nation to check English language proficiency of an individual belonging from a non-English speaking country. When it comes to Australia, PTE has scored leaps and bounds over IELTS. It has gotten to a position where it has become the preferred English language proficiency test for students seeking study visa to Australia. The popularity of PTE, or Pearson Test of English, has spiked recently because of number of reasons. And, this is the reason number of PTE training institutes has gone up significantly.

Here are some of the top reasons why PTE and PTE training has grown significantly in the recent years.

Accepted Across Australia

PTE is recognized by nearly all the educational institutes across Australia to gauge the individual’s English language proficiency, and this is the reason it is accepted for almost every course and degree.
Due to its recognition and acceptance across Australia, it has become one of the most preferred tests for English. This, in turn, has led to opening of number of PTE coaching and training institutes that provide coaching methods to crack PTE.

No Human Intervention

PTE is considered totally unbiased as it is entirely free of any human intervention whatsoever. It means that at no point from submission of the test to the test results there is the human element involved. PTE is entirely computer-based and is totally unbiased.

Lately, there was an issue that popped up regarding biasness that IELTS displays. It was allegedly termed as a “scam” wherein the takers of IELTS were deliberately left short of half or one mark in one or the other important module(s), so that they take the test again, and again and again – eventually making it a money-making machine. The topic got considerable attention which made significant number of students to switch over to PTE from IELTS, especially the ones seeking higher studies in Australia.

PTE being entirely computer-based and free from any human element is therefore preferred over IELTS for Australia. And, this is the reason that number of PTE training institutes have come into existence.

It is Easier* to Score in PTE

Though this is controversial and entirely dependent from individual’s own perspective, many takers have gauged that it is easier to score in PTE than in IELTS. There have been number of cases where multiple-attempt IELTS takers have cracked PTE in the first go!

This can be a topic of debate, but one cannot reach to a conclusion unless one takes both the tests. We would like to have your thoughts on this.

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