Reasons to Choose PTE Over IELTS for Australia Study Visa

Are you looking to take an English proficiency exam, but cannot decide which one? We’re here to help you zero down on the English proficiency exam you can take if you are looking for unbiased results.

Whether you are taking an exam for the first time or you are sick and tired of bad results in the past, we’ll certainly be able to help you take the right decision.

What IELTS Takers Say

Well, frankly, most of the takers of IELTS are sick and tired of what they think are ‘biased’ results. While the applicants score great marks in certain modules, they fail repeatedly in just one, which prevents them from achieving their goal of moving abroad. And, strangely, this difference is mostly of half mark.

IELTS is extremely notorious in failing you with just half mark. Many candidates who have taken IELTS multiple times report scoring just half mark less in any one module, which hampers their overall score. It’s not just a few candidates who complain the same thing, but a big bunch who are tired and drained of taking the test again and again. A lot of them have even given up on their dream to live in developed nations.

IELTS is Shady

Majority of people who have taken IELTS multiple times, but have failed to score their desired marks claim it to be shady.
IELTS is claimed to be fishy and shady because of manual intervention in checking. As it is not a completely computer-based test, there are chances of biasness, and these biased results are seen more often than not.

Even the candidates who are great at English language have failed to clear the test with desired marks. Nobody knows why most of the candidates fall short of just half mark!

PTE is the Way to Go

If you are looking to go to Australia, whether on a study visa for Australia or for any other purpose, do not look elsewhere! Don’t take IELTS; take PTE instead.

Yes! PTE is a completely computer-based test which has no manual intervention whatsoever. It means that no humans intervene in gauging the test performance of the candidate – it is entirely done by a computer using a complex algorithm. The algorithm has proven to give consistent results and would not show biased results under any circumstances.
Some of the PTE & IELTS takers claim that PTE is more difficult as compared to IELTS, but is preferred because of the unbiased and quick results.

It is accurate and consistent to a level that PTE itself does not promote rescore, which IELTS does on the other hand (to make additional revenue). PTE claims that if you happen to score less in any of the module, say speaking, your test will be put through the same algorithm which would yield the same result as before. So, there is no point in taking a rescore and wasting your money.

PTE Takers are Happier

Well, this statement can be deemed as controversial, but true, for PTE takers do not get biased results. Despite the fact that PTE is on a tougher side as compared to IELTS, most of the overseas students and professionals wishing to go to Australia take PTE because of the transparency and consistency of results.

Therefore, considering the points above, it is a wiser decision to take PTE instead of IELTS or any other English proficiency test, especially if you are planning to move to Australia.